Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon


Three years ago I went to see Mr Eldridge having reached the end of the line with managing the pain from arthritis in both my knees. Given the impact it was having on my family and work life, I finally decided to have the surgery. Whilst it felt like a huge decision at the time, I can honestly say I have not looked back since.

It takes real commitment to put the work in to the recovery and rehab but in doing so, a whole new world can open up. It has done for me. Since the surgery I have lost 65lbs in weight and have a well established exercise routine. I workout at the gym and swim 3-5 times every week. I have become fitter and stronger than ever before. I am no longer left sitting in the car whilst the rest of my family walks up a hill on a day out. I am right up there with them.

Mr Eldridge was supportive throughout. He was clear about what the surgery would entail and his skill and standard of care was excellent. The surgery itself has transformed my life. Being pain free is still such a wonderful thing to me and I am so grateful for that.

What a difference the operation has made to my life! You did a brilliant job both in terms of the surgery and in managing my expectations throughout the recovery process. I played my part by doing my expertises every day without fail. Thank you!

I can not say a bad word about him and his team definitely help me out with knees. The hospital and staff put you at ease straight away its like home from home nothing is to much trouble for them. Definitely got agreee with another comment its more like a hotel, I didn't wanna go home lol x

Just left after having revision surgery carried out by Mr J Eldridge. The service is world class, the nurses, physios and house staff are incredible. I'm now home less than 24 hours after major surgery and couldn't be happier. Highly recommended.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at Spire Bristol Hospital for looking after me during my operation and post operation recovery from 6-9 May.

The standard of care from all the staff; nurses, caterers, anaesthetists' and physios was of an exceptionally high standard and...

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff at Spire Bristol Hospital for looking after me during my operation and post operation recovery from 6-9 May.

The standard of care from all the staff; nurses, caterers, anaesthetists' and physios was of an exceptionally high standard and (perhaps oddly) I thoroughly enjoyed my brief stay. It was a real education.

I did not know what to expect during my immediate recovery and although it is still very early days I am very pleasantly surprised so far.

Please pass on my thanks to Jonathon Eldridge and any of his team not mentioned above and let him know how much the whole process was appreciated.

I will work hard on my physio and try and ensure his excellent work gives me the optimum chance to enjoy and benefit from my sport in the short and long term future.

My recovery is going exceptionally well… I was walking short distances without crutches after two weeks, swam 50 lengths after three weeks, walked a couple of miles comfortably after three and a half weeks, flexibility (in terms of being able to straighten the leg) is significantly better than pre-operation after four weeks and the scar (as attached) is a remarkably tidy job.

Kind regards and looking forward to follow up in July.

Testimonial from Stacey Tadd

Sport - Swimming (200 breastroke)

Best achievements - 2 golds and a bronze at the 2003 European Youth Olympics / breaking the English record in 2010 / being crowned British Champion 3 years running / competing at the London 2012 games.

Being an athlete suffering with an injury is devastating. That's why when Jonathan Eldridge offered me a fairly new type of surgery to me I jumped at the chance. I wanted to get back in the pool and chase my goal of going to an Olympic Games.

I had the knee surgery in 2008 after a second dislocation to my left knee.

Since the operation I have gone on to achieve plenty of success in my swimming career, achieving the qualification times to swim at the following events:

  • 2009 - World Championships in Rome
  • 2010 - Commonwealth Games in India
  • 2011 - World Championships in cChina
  • 2012 - Olympic Games in London

So I would like to say a massive thanks to him and his team. Without them my goal wouldn't of been possible.

As keen hockey player my sport and general everyday life was being impaired by my knee, which would give way seemingly randomly, whether I was walking down the stairs or playing hockey it didn't matter. I could run no more than a hundred metres and every time I bent my knee my knee cap slid across my knee.

In December 2011 after a very informative consultation with Mr Eldridge I had trochleoplasty and modified insall procedure on my left knee. After three months I was able to attend aqua aerobic classes and after nine months I was playing hockey and netball both twice a week, now a year post operatively I have had no further problems and am enjoying being able to play sport without being restricted by my knee. Throughout my recovery Mr Eldridge was very approachable and helpful.

Testimonial from Jane Staples

From my mid 20's I suffered with weak knees. Exercise caused them to swell painfully and I had several operations, none of which really helped. I learnt to ski in my mid 40's and my knees swelled like balloons, I had to take ibuprofen for weeks after and had a lot of pain and discomfort. My GP recommended I see Jonathan, the best day's work he's ever done! Jonathan spotted my problem straight away – I was born with my knee caps too high. This had been undiagnosed for 20+ years. Jonathan has since replaced both knee caps, and I am a new woman! Early 2012 I tackled my first black runs on the slopes... there is just NO comparison. A massive thank you Jonathan.

Testimonial from John Carver

I currently work full time as a Head Tennis Coach at an outdoor Club in Bristol. In my twenties I damaged my knee playing football but had really managed quite well until 5 years ago.

Problems became more frequent to the extent that walking slopes, uneven surfaces became really painful and Coaching and playing was a challenge.

In July 2011, I went to see Jonathan, on the advice of a friend (also my Physio) and finally bit the bullet.

In November 2011 - I had a partial knee replacement. I can't pretend the 1st few weeks weren't a challenge but with a successful operation, great Physiotherapy and a rehab programme specific to my Tennis Coaching I am now back to full fitness.

12 months on, I can Coach, play singles and doubles, walk hills and coastal paths and have no pain at all. I get no swelling and only occasionally use Ice if I have had a long day!!

I haven't needed an anti-inflamatory for 8 months.

For me it has been a huge success.

Testimonial from Ted Cutfield

When taking any form of exercise I was experiencing severe pain in my left knee. I was only able to walk a short distance (twenty yards) without a stick for support, physiotherapy and pain killers did not help. This was particularly annoying as I am a keen walker.

After an examination and X Rays, Mr Eldridge explained my condition, he discussed various options and his suggested solution was for knee surgery. On the 9th August I had left OtisMed total knee replacement (custom aligned).

My recovery has been rapid and easy. I experienced little pain in hospital and this had disappeared by the time of my discharge five days later. I had reasonable mobility with just one stick for assurance and was able to do without this after six weeks. When I left hospital I had a small dressing on the wound and this soon healed, leaving a clean scar.

After three months my knee feels entirely normal and I have resumed all my previous activities. I am intrigued to note that five of my friends have recently had replacement knee surgery by other surgeons. Most are still experiencing problems - (pain, swelling and restricted movement).

I am absolutely delighted with my treatment and the procedures used by Mr. Eldridge.

Testimonial from competitive ski racer who had suffered from knee pain

As a competitive ski racer I had been suffering with an increasing amount of pain in my knee for the past few years. In 2008 I went to see Mr Eldridge, who went on to perform an MPFL reconstruction. This has resulted in a massive improvement and allowed me to train pain free again. I now no longer feel restricted by my knee.

I found Mr Eldridge to be very approachable and easy to discuss things with. He also seemed to have a good understanding of my sport, and my keenness to get back to competing as soon as possible, which I found reassuring.

During the last season I have achieved my best ever race results, so would like to thank Mr Eldridge for his role in this.


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